God Wants “You”, Not Your Performance

by Admin

The difference between religion and Christianity is, religion is about performing, where Christianity is a relationship. Man created religion, which entails a list of do’s and don’ts. God created mankind for fellowship, not that He was bored and needed company, He is loving and wanted to share. Many are steadily working, trying to please God. God was/is pleased when you received His son Jesus. The middle wall of partition between God and us has been rent into from top to bottom. Now anyone can come unto the throne of grace for mercy and grace to help in our time of need. Lighten up! It’s not that deep. Talk to Him. Get acquainted with Him. In the same manner you begin a newfound relationship with someone, call God and talk to Him regularly. Practice listening to your heart for direction and insight. When you read the bible your spirit will confirm the truth. Don’t worry about your sin, whether you’re good enough for God. The blood of Jesus has made you worthy to be adopted into the family of the beloved of God. If you drink, cheat, chase, lie, steal, etc., trust me, by having an intimate relationship with God, the desires will begin to dissipate away. Because God is so good and loving, His goodness will bring about your repentance and you wouldn’t want to do those things anymore.  God wants you, not your performance.

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