Integrity……Protect Yours

by Admin

Integrity is simply having your mind made up to do right and adhering to it. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. At any temptation or persuasion the double minded man will go with whatever feels good, not considering facts that his integrity is in question. The Apostle Paul spoke to the Thessalonians in regards to avoiding every form of evil, but even the slightest appearance of evil we must avoid, if we want to eliminate speculation about our character.  When people begin speculating, they start accusing. A man or woman who cares about their image, integrity or dignity should always beware of traps the enemy sets to discredit their reputation and tear them down to where their lives are no longer effective or impacting upon anyone. As a man, husband, minister, manager, leader, it’s not a good showing to have only women friends on Facebook. A man in these positions can’t go to lunch every day with a married or unmarried woman, it leaves room for too much speculation. A Christian man can’t be at a woman church member’s house at 10:00 at night claiming to be over for a bible study or prayer. Although in the aforementioned scenarios there’s total innocence (wink, wink), the point is to avoid even the appearance of evil. Our integrity is all we have. We must guard it with our lives.

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