Punctuality, A Key To Professionalism

by Admin

It was once referred to as “CP’ time. That’s colored people time. Sad! If an event was scheduled to begin at 3:30pm, sometimes it didn’t begin until 4:30, 5:00 or later. Many Black churches, not all, have become notorious for this gross character flaw. This attribute trickles down into many people’s personal affairs also, such as jobs and relationships. I say Black churches because of my own experience. I’m sure other ethnic groups can lack excellence in this area as well. Daniel chapters 5 and 6 speak toward his being promoted due to having an excellent spirit. Most professionals in the business world operate with a degree of excellence, because excellence brings promotion. High standards are impressive, admirable and encouraging. People who don’t respect or value your time have little or no respect for you. Leaders in ministry should never allow the people to train them by waiting until enough people come. The leader should train the people and honor their own commitment to the time a meeting, event or service begins and start even if only one person is there. If there’s an office appointment and the individual is 20 minutes late (a second time) and has not called, leave.  I’ve seen many miss the blessing of God by coming to a 10:00 worship service at 11:15. God is checking our faithfulness to our own times set.

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