The Problem’s Not The Problem, You Are

by Admin


You know our plight is to be confirmed to the image and likeness of Christ.
That’s Romans 8:29. It tells us that. Galatians 2:20 says that we’ve been
crucified with Christ. It’s no longer us who live, but Christ lives in us.
Scripture after scripture, Matthew 10 tells us to deny ourselves to take
the cross, follow him. First Corinthians 15 says I die daily. And all
these passages allude to, you know, John the Baptist said, ‘I must
decrease, he must increase.’ What they all allude to is simply that we must
get out the way and let Jesus be fully formed in us.

That’s why I’m talking about now. The problem is not the problem. We’re
the problem. And see after you’ve been married for 20 years and you’re
wife still, still hangs the towel the wrong way or your husband still doing
the same thing. Somebody said, Pastor, why am I so mad all the time? He
makes me so angry. But you’ve been married 23 years and he’s still making
you angry. He’s not the problem anymore; you’re the problem.

You need Jesus. It’s just a showing that you lack Christ in your life. You
know with Christ in us it’s the only hope of glory and that’s where a lot
of people are missing it. Look, whether you live or die you’re going to
have those bills on the table, the cell phone bill, this insurance bill,
sometimes the IRS and different people coming after you. It’s up to you to
know how to deal with it. So, that’s where you need Christ. The problem’s
not the problem. You’re the problem. You need Jesus. That’s the issue.

And you know, people don’t understand. The stone that the builders
rejected is the chief cornerstone. So you’re rejecting Christ in your
life, he is the one that enables you. He said take my yoke. My yoke is
easy, my burden is light. You know, don’t be carrying all that weight
yourself. So die to self. Now if you could die, simply die to your
soulish ambitions and selfish desires and let him rise up and your nothing
will bother you, won’t trip you, won’t be sweating and troubled about

Children of Israel saw those giants and they cried and wept all night and
Numbers chapter 14 and you can weep all night long and get up the next
morning, the giants are still there. That’s the deal. So crying doesn’t
help, worrying doesn’t help, Everything is still going to be there and what
I’m saying is. The problem’s not the problem. You’re the problem. You
need Jesus. If your husband’s still ornery, your wife’s still rebellious,
and it’s been 15, 20, 25 years, and it still bothers you? They’re not the
problem anymore. Don’t complain. You need Jesus. The problem’s not the
problem, you are.