The Origin of An Eagle Couple

by Admin


Isaiah Chapter 40, Verse 31 says those that wait on the Lord shall renew
their strength, no mount of wing of eagles, They’ll run and not grow weary.
They’ll walk and shall not faint, and I just know that the eagle is an
interesting and awesome specimen. Eagles, they can fly 2-300 miles an hour.
They’ll get high up in the sky. They can swoop down on a squirrel in full
stride and lock their talons on them, hit the water and lock their talons
on a salmon and pull him out of the water. Eagles have been known to attack
a buck deer, the size of a mid-sized car and will lift them up off the

An eagle is awesome, but I’d like to just get in the aspect of how the
woman eagle catches her man. This is so interesting. I don’t know if you
heard it before but hear it again. It’ll be good for all you women watching
this here. The woman eagle, when the man decides to flirt with her, what
she does is go so high in the sky, 500 or so feet in the sky, and she’ll
drop a stick. If he wants her, he has to catch the stick before it hits the
ground. And so, she gets up so high in the sky. She says, OK, if you want
me, you have got to catch the stick. Well then, she drops it and he swoops
down and catches the stick before it hits the ground, brings it back to
her, and he says, can I have you now?

She says, no, the test is not over yet. I’ve got to go a little bit higher.
So, she goes another 3-400 feet up higher, so 900 to 1,000 feet. She drops
a stick, a little bit heavier stick this time. She says, if you want me,
you’ve got to catch the stick before it hits the ground and then bring it
back to me. And so, once she drops the stick, he says, I’ve got it and
plays around because he thinks he’s all that. He plays around for a little
bit, and then he does that nose dive and he catches the stick before it
hits the ground, brings it back to her. And then, she says, OK, one more

So, she gets a big stick, just as heavy as she is, and she drops the stick,
and they’re higher this time, some 1500 feet up, and then she drops it. The
man eagle, he swoops down, he catches the stick, brings it her and then
there’s a celebration right there. They began this circular motion, just
clucking and carrying on. They’re celebrating. OK, he’s hers and she’s his
and so forth. So, they’re happy.

And then, what happens when they begin to have little baby eaglets, the
father, when it’s time to teach his little son, little junior, how to fly.
What mom does is she says, “OK, it’s time to learn how to fly. I’m going to
kick you out of the nest, but I want you to watch your dad.” You see, dad
is up in the sky. He’s just got his wings open. He’s just soaring and
letting the wind get underneath his wings.

And so, she kicks him out and she says, OK, now flap your wings, and the
father is watching the son. He’s like, come on, son, just hit it one time,
let the wind get underneath your wings. Come on, stop flapping so hard like
a chippy bird. Come on just one time, son. Do it, do it. And so, he says,
my son’s in trouble. So, he does that nose dive. He swoops down to the
ground, and he catches the son before he hits the ground, and he brings him
back up to the nest. Then, the woman eagle says, see, that’s why I married
you. You knew how to take care of my kids.