The Best Investment

by Admin

People often make statements about how bad things are, or how the world thinks; yet some of the same people never do anything to remedy any of society’s ills. Some bad people don’t want to hear what’s right and are adamant about perpetuating evil. But most reasonable and sensible people will give an ear to someone who cares, to invest their time with them and share a word of encouragement or advice.  We’ve seen great leaps toward advancement in technology and the sciences. We can thank God for all of the conveniences we have today, but people are our biggest priority. What we do for people, we do unto God. This is specifically in regards to the heart and frame of reference of people. If we take time to share our knowledge and experiences with anyone who appears to be less fortunate or less experienced, we will advance society. That one individual you reach could be the one who affected a whole city for righteousness sake. This type of investment is not done with hidden motives or for selfish gain; it’s done for the advancement of the good of mankind. The most gratifying and rewarding thing one can do, is invest in somebody’s life. The best investment is the investment in people. Help. Share.

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