Helpful Lines For Valentines

by Admin

Men! You might not need any help in this area, but I’ve been at points in my relationship where I drew nothing but blanks as to what to do for Valentines Day. Spend some serious money toward a nice dinner at a high-class restaurant. Touch her hand, look into her eyes and tell her “when I call your name at night, I hear the stars begin to applaud”. Let her know “tonight I give you a standing ovation”. Write a poem, sing a song. Tell her, “Your lips put me in a trance”. Let her know you really didn’t want to eat, but just came here to “be with you”. A sweet surprise, something special can do wonders as well. Cook a meal, serve it by candle light, put on some “Luther”, “if this world were mine”. Give a toast to all the fools who let her go. Go pay her hairdresser with your personal stash before she gets there. Go to the nail salon and pay for 3 months of mani’s and pedi’s. Let her initiate the romance, now that she’s ready. Have a happy Valentine’s Day.

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