Always Praise Him First

by Admin

So often believers come before God with their problems, questions and requests. In Hebrews chapter 8 we find the writer reminding us of God telling Moses to make the tabernacle exactly according to the blue print he was shown on the mountain. The tabernacle is a copy of the true and everything about the tabernacle has spiritual significance and if we study we could learn what all the materials, colors, artifacts, furniture and numbers mean. God’s presence dwelt in the holy of Holies, which was the priest’s final destination. Yet there was a gate out front and a courtyard. Psalms 100 says, “enter His courts with praise and His gates with thanksgiving”. By this we can see that in our approach to God we should always come praising Him first. Praising Him proves our faith and that we believe He is everything He said and can do everything He says. Crying and worrying does not demonstrate any faith whatsoever in an approach to God. The book of Judges speaks of the children of Israel going out to fight their brother Benjamin. They inquired of God as to what tribe should go up first to fight, God said, “send Judah”. Judah means praise. Before you go to battle, praise Him. Always begin with praise.

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