Declare who YOU are!

by Admin


God told us who we are, and sometimes people let their uncles tell them,
their neighborhood, their environment and all the people that are raised up
around school teachers and coaches and so forth would place images and
stigmas and plagues attached to people and they go around their life
listening to that and hearing that and that’s what they see themselves, or
what image they see themselves in, but we need to see ourselves in an image
that God told us we are.

If you’re going through anything today, just hear what I’m about to share
with you. Let me tell you who God said you are. You are a chosen
generation. You’re a holy nation, you’re God’s own special treasure. You’re
peculiar people. You’re brought from darkness to God’s marvelous light.
He loves you and he cares for you. You are blessed coming in, you’re
blessed going out, your food, your drink, your kneading bowl, your basket,
the fruit in your womb and everything you set your hand to.

God has commanded by blessing up on it, and this is what you want to tell
yourself, that you are the head only and not the tail, you’re above only
and not beneath. And so you don’t have to listen to anymore to what uncle
said or sister said or somebody else telling you. Because a lot of people
don’t know who they are, but in the word of God, he told us who we are.
He’s given us exceedingly great and precious promises whereby we can be
come partakers of the divine nature, and you triumph over all things
through Christ Jesus, we are the victor and not the victim, the victory
that caused us to overcome the world as our fate, we overcame the Devil by
the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.

You are a champion. You are a king and a priest, you are more than a
conqueror, and God loves you, and we love him because he first loved us,
and I just want to submit to you in this hour. A man’s appetite is
satisfied by the fruit of his mouth and with the increase of his lips he is
filled, and you have what you say, so whatsoever you desire when you pray,
you believe, you receive it and you shall have it, and you praise the Lord,
and you thank God no matter what. If it looks bad, if it looks good, it
doesn’t matter, you just keep praising God and thanking him because he
loves you and he cares for you, and you just decree, decree a thing as Job
22:28 says, “And it’ll be established for you and the light of God’s favor
shall shine upon your ways.”

So you just be encouraged. The next time you feel bad, you feel
demoralized or discouraged about something, you just start talking to
yourself, you say, ‘No, no, no. I’m a champion; I’m a king and a priest.
I’m more than a conqueror. I’m the victor and I’m not the victim. I’m
God’s own special treasure,’ and those are things you tell yourself,
because your satisfied by the food of your mouth. And with the increase of
your lips, you are filled, it is awesome to know who you are in God’s eyes.
You’re blessed with faithful Abraham, you have the abundance of increase
in favor, you are highly favored in the sight of God. So you take that to
heart, and the next time the Devil tries to speak to you or anything
opposite or what I’m sharing with you, you just tell him what thus said the
Lord, in Jesus’ name.