Homeschooling In Church

by Admin

Some might think we’re just supposed to talk about Jesus all day in church services. That would be nice, but there are many other things that are so demanding as well. Home training. Our God is a God of excellence. He is class, beauty, splendor, and royalty. He does everything decently and in order. There used to be one opposing argument against homeschooling children, that was, “how are they going to learn social skills if they’re not out with the rest of the kids”? Well, we found that eight 6 year olds at a table cannot teach each other social skills. They’ll stand on tables, throw food, elbows on tables, kick each other, chew with mouths open, talk with food in their mouth and not wipe their hands after digging into the pizza.  Social skills are learned at home.

Many of our places of worship don’t reflect nor represent the Excellency of our God. This is primarily due to a lack of home training. A sanctuary should be a place conducive to the reverence and glory of God. It should not have gum in the carpet. It should not have the proverbial stench. The walls should not have to be painted once a year as a result of people putting their hands on them. The furniture should not have candy, chocolate or flavored drink stains on it. Good stewardship is an attribute to God’s character also. Parents didn’t teach their children to sit up straight, say excuse me and not “my bad”, and there’s nothing cute about a child pulling bulbs off the Christmas tree because he thinks they’re apples. These same kids are now grown ups.  You wanna talk about Jesus?


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