Not Until You Say It’s Over

by Admin

When you consider failure final, that’s when you finally fail. Nothing’s over until you say it’s over. It doesn’t matter if you’ve fallen into gross sin, committed a terrible offense or lost large sums of money, you can always come back. For one, God told us through the prophets Joel and Isaiah, that for all the years the cankerworm, palmer worm, crawling locust, chewing locust have devoured, He will restore them to you again. He said He would give us beauty for ashes and for all that we’ve forfeited we would receive the double portion. We can take these promises to the bank. I don’t know of anyone who is exempt from challenges. However, even if you don’t accomplish your expected outcome, you still win by never giving up. By not giving up you’re declaring to the opposition that you are in charge and nothing else. Win big! Keep pushing! When you fall, get back up. It’s not over until you say it’s over.

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