Some People Were Never Any Good, You Know A Few

by Admin

You saw it, you just didn’t want to acknowledge and call it. To avoid heartache and pain everyone must trust their innate, God given instincts. I call it “The Umpire Spirit”. The umpire cannot wait and rationalize for a period after the ball crosses the plate, he must call it immediately either a ball or a strike. Jesus was acquainted with grief and a man of many sorrows (Is. 53:3). He knew all the games people tried to play on Him. Have you ever been bamboozled, hoodwinked or smelled a rat? I am certain that if you think back, you would remember an occasion when that person said or expressed a gesture or something that raised a red flag in your spirit but you ignored it and gave them the benefit of the doubt. Two years later that person hurt you. Proverbs 6:13 tells of the wicked man who winks or has shifty eyes, keeps checking his watch (paraphrasing), shuffles his feet. These are some wicked character traits that we must attend to. Every time I’ve been deceived and hurt I can trace it back to the moment when I had a check in my spirit about the person. It could have been five years prior to the incident, but I knew it. I learned from the Master, Jesus Himself. Jesus allowed Judas to hang out on his staff for three and a half years, knowing he was no good. At the final supper Jesus exposed Judas and said, “ok Judas, whatever you’re going to do, do it quickly, because I got to get up out of here”. When you recognize a snake in your company, you don’t have to bust them out or kill them, they’ll hang themselves eventually.  By knowing who’s laboring among you helps prevent the pain when they “do” you.

When you recognize a so-called friend, staff member, employee, co-worker or anyone who would say or do something that raises a red flag in your spirit, just smile and love them, but never forget what you saw. That was God trying to protect you.

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