Churches, Ministers, Singers, Etc., Nobody Should Be Competing

by Admin

So many people are discouraged with either their lives or their lack of progress. Many are measuring arms with people who have different callings and assignments. Some have agreed with the wrong person’s idea or definition of success. This frame of reference is guaranteed to discourage or even bring depression. In the kingdom of God, success is simply being effective at what God has called “you” to do. For example, the prophet Jeremiah was a great success. Nobody really cared for coming to his “church”, rather the people had him thrown in the dungeon, but in God’s eyes, great job. God wasn’t looking for a large following to justify Gideon’s call, however He reduced his army “congregation” from 32,000 to 300. God was only looking for sincerity, not numbers. When I call a church and the recorded message says, “Thank you for calling xxx ministries, the fastest growing, the biggest, the most, in the state, county and so forth”, it only connotes competition. Who cares? The question is, are you effective at what God called you to do?

The problem is, somebody must have said you have to produce so many hits, sell so many books, have so much money, have a certain size following or you’re not successful. Wrong thinking! Many of the most powerful songs in christendom are written by authors unknown, but rest assure, the writer is rewarded in glory by God Himself. The author of the world reknown poem “Footprints”, is unknown. I think it was just a God thing. Many singers in our churches could upseat the most highly touted artists in the market. They should just do what they love to do and let God do the rewarding or recognizing if need be. 99% of the ministries in the United States will never reach “mega” status. Mega status is not the goal. We’re all one body and every part should be doing it’s share.

Not many christians read in the book of Acts 22 where we see Paul was brought up at the feet of Gamaliel. Yet the apostle Paul is the popular one, however Gamaliel did his part in instructing him. Stop trippin on numbers, asking people how many members they have. Many people  left Jesus after eating the fish and loves (John 6:66), then He asked his twelve disciples if they wanted to go also. A big church was not Jesus’ goal or priority, He was looking for sincerity of hearts. Don’t compete, just do your part. Glorify God in everything you do, He’ll handle the outcome.

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