Why Blacks Commit Suicide

by Admin


On one of my recent quick hitters, I was talking about why blacks commit
suicide, and I was primarily just getting into the fact that, that hasn’t
been happening all the while. That’s some stuff that’s just been happening
recently the last 25, 35 or so years.

And I know that Proverbs Chapter 3 around verse 31 says, whichever, 30, 31,
33 or whatever, says, ‘Envy not the oppressor and choose not of his ways’.
And, you know, maybe because some blacks have seen some other people do it,
and so they gravitate towards that as the only way out. But, you know, I’d
like to make a reference to Ezekiel Chapter 16 where it says that, He’s
speaking, God is speaking to His people saying, ‘Your birth and your
nativity is from the land of Canaan. Your mother was an Amorite and your
father a Hittite’. And what I’m getting at here, is, you know, we’re just
talking about how that, you know, it’s 80% of characters in the cannon of
the scripture were of African descent. And Canaan and Ham, those were all
African folks, y’all.

Anyway, again, so, He has said, you know, they were the ones who were left
out in the open field. They had to fend for themselves. You just find all
that in Ezekiel Chapter 16. They had to fend for themselves. No one washed
them, nobody watered them, they didn’t have anything on their own. And it
just kind of makes me parallel that with how the blacks were coming, were
taken against their will, shackled hand and foot, stacked on top of one
another, put on these ships, crossed the hot ocean six, seven, eight months
and they’re on the ship. And they had to just defecate and urinate and
everything else on one another. And if people got sick they just threw them
overboard, and some of the, I’m telling you, some of the worst things have
taken place in the lives of these people. And they come over to the United
States of America and some of the things they contended with.

But that scripture in Ezekiel Chapter 16, God said, ‘I put it in your
blood, I spoke it in your blood to live.’ In other words, you don’t die,
you don’t give up. It’s in your blood to live. And so they went through
these hundreds of years of slavery and so forth, and in all the torment and
torture and the things black people have contended with. Yet they’re still
here today. Rising up in every occasion, in the political arena, in
athletics, in science, in medicine, in every venue, in every avenue and
aspect of life you can imagine, they’re still here rising. Because God
said, ‘I spoke it in your blood.’ Live, live. You don’t die, you don’t
quit. You don’t hang yourself. We don’t kill ourself because somebody
leaves us. We don’t kill ourself because we can’t pay a phone bill. We
don’t kill yourself because times get so hard. Do you know what your
forefathers went through? Do you know what’s in your blood? God said it in
your blood, Live. That’s what we got to do. Live.