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Time is the most valuable commodity we have. Life is time, what we do with it determines whether and how it works for or against us. We have time to seek our creator and find out what our purpose in this life is, and how to manifest it. We have time to establish relationships, to love people, to solve problems. There is always time, the question is, what are we doing with it. If the children need attention , it’s not time to be entertained by television. If the marriage is in disarray, it’s not time to have the boys over for dominoes. When unemployed, it’s not time to sit around watching Jerry Springer. When life is over, the dash between birth and death represents time. The sum total of every life was determined constructively and conveniently by the individual’s management of time. What you get out of this life is solely predicated upon what you put in. It’s all about Time!

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