Not All Parents Are Parenting

by Admin

In the same manner we distinguish a dad from a father, not all people with children are parenting. Children are like arrows in the hand of the mighty hunter. The parents responsibility is to direct the children in such a way that they grow up making proper decisions for themselves. True parenting is teaching and demonstrating before our children what would be the best for productive living. The children should not determine what to watch on television. The thirteen year old daughter does not always know what is the proper way to dress. Both boys and girls should be taught to respect their elders and authorities, yet discerning properly good from evil. A three year old does not know he/she needs a coat when it’s freezing outside, yet some parents don’t pay any attention. Parenting is following up on subjects taught in church, in school and supporting the child’s activities. Parenting is teaching right from wrong. Parenting is teaching social skills and helping manage and being good stewards over their finances. Parenting is setting the children on a course where they will begin pursuing their own goals. Parenting is instilling righteous morals in our children and being conscious of our own behavior around them. As Jesus stated, “it would be better to have a millstone hung around your neck and tossed into the sea, than to cause any of these little ones to stumble.”

Save the children.

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