Was The Apostle Paul Black?

by aeblackman


We used to talk about who was the king of the jungle, and everyone used to
say the lion is the king of the jungle. The elephant turned out to be the
king of the jungle. We just live and learn. The deal is who writes the
book determines who they want to be the king of the jungle, and what
happened in many black folk’s lives was that they were raised up and you
got the misslets in Sunday school and you get the pamphlets and the little
coloring books with all the different caucasoric features of biblical
characters. So you grew up with these images in your mind that they were
all white, and you got whichever painting it is of the Lord’s suffering,
they’re all Caucasian. We know that even on that one there was one, Simon,
who was a Canaanite. It’s like there could have been at least one black
person at the table.

But check this out. You have to understand something. First of all, there
was Rahab, the Canaanite whore. Canaanite, these were descendants of Ham,
straight up descendants of Ham. You have to ask yourself, how did Noah
have three sons and some people say Ham was the black one? How can you
have three sons by the same wife, but only one comes out black, the others
come out another color?

That kind of stuff just depends on who writes the book, who puts things out
there. So, anyway, there was Judah and Perez had Tamar, had Tamar not
Perez, Perez and these were Canaanites, these were black people. The
children of Israel went into Egypt and those children of Israel didn’t
recognize Joseph. How could they not recognize Joseph amongst all these
Egyptians when he was a Hebrew? You see where I’m going here?

Then in Exodus Chapter 2, Jethro had daughters, and those daughters had
told a gentlemen in Exodus Chapter 2 that an Egyptian had delivered us.
She was talking about Moses, and Jethro’s daughters were telling their
father about Moses. So how they mistook Moses, being a Hebrew, for an
Egyptian. Why? Because he looked like an Egyptian, he was a black man.
Even in Acts Chapter 21, they thought the apostle Paul was a black man. He
was a Benjamite, but, however, if you read Acts Chapter 21 around verse 30,
it says ‘Aren’t you the Egyptian who caused an uproar?’ He was a black
man. These were black folk.

And then some brother come on TV said ‘So I guess all of them are black
now.’ What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with all the characters in the
canon being black? What’s wrong with that? Read the book, study the
scriptures. You can study those genealogies, it’s already there. So it’s
okay to look at those geographical locations, and you can see where these
people were from and there was much miscegenation taking place throughout
the canon. 80% of the characters in the canon of scripture were of African