Characteristics of a True, Godly Man

by Admin

Before I touch this, let me set out my disclaimer. Sisters, if standards are not important to you, close the screen now. This barometer is drawn for my study of how God is to us as a husband and father, and examples found in the canon of scripture of other godly men. Here is a list of questions and qualifications of a true, godly man.

Married or not. Is he responsible? Is he saved? Does he have his own, house, job or business and car? Does he go to church on his own, or does he just follow you so he can retain his benefits? If he goes to church, does he serve in any auxiliaries? Does he let you drive the pretty, newer car? Does he keep your car clean? Does he work hard to provide for and keep you happy, ie;, hair, nails, clothes or whatever your necessities are? Will he empty the trash and keep the yard neat? Will he help by cooking, cleaning, laundry etc, if your schedule doesn’t always permit? Last but not least, does he lead the prayers in the home? Does he teach and encourage the children to be godly? Will or did he dedicate and/or baptize his children (he can). Does he love you like Christ loved the church? Remember sisters, if standards don’t matter to you, this is not for you. Brothers, the man is like Christ and our women or symbolic of the church, that’s all I’m saying. “Baby” comes first!…………….peace

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