Can God Win A Football Game?

by Admin

Yes He can! God can do whatever He wants to do and can intervene however He sees fit.  Although many teams are flooded with christian athletes who pray for God’s help during the week, before and after games, He intervenes “if” He wants or needs to. He might have an individual who He wants to give a platform to, to further His gospel and get the attention of many who ordinarily would not acknowledge God. God performs miracles every Sunday in many of the NFL games, not only to win but life threatening and career ending injuries are avoided by the intervention of God as well. God moved the late Reggie White, an ordained minister to Green Bay and told him they will win the Super Bowl, and they did.

33 of the some 40 players on that Green Bay Packer team were attending weekly bible studies regularly. God loves Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers and all the rest at every position on every team, but what has happened this year (2011-12) in the life of Tim Tebow, you cannot deny is the intervention of God. Thank God for all the professional athletes who use their platform to the glory of God. The platform doesn’t last forever. God can make a team win, or He can let everything happen naturally.

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