The Strength and Beauty of a Black Woman

by Admin

This is certainly not written to suggest any comparisons nor lessen the quality of women of any race. Personally, all women are beautiful, wonderfully made and powerful. Men would have destroyed the human race in the first century had it not been for the presence of women. The Black American woman was there supporting her man when denials for access to rest rooms, restaurants, water fountains, major leagues, auditoriums, etcetera. While he was considered the “scum” of the earth, she was even lower. Her creativity of hair styles, dress and ability to change and make new fashions is astounding. She sacrificed her life for her family, the only work she could do outside of the home was to work in someone else’s home. Even through the women’s liberation movements,  she wasn’t considered. The black man was still having a hard enough time with equal rights. The Black woman was ridiculed and degraded for her physical traits and to be considered intellectual was far-fetched. Yet today, Black woman are doctors, lawyers, managers, business chief executive officers and have risen to elite status in a variety of capacities. They were condemned for having round, bigger derrieres and voluptuous lips. Today the model standard is just that. Women of all races are having injections to improve their appearance in these  areas. Every exercise regimen calls for rear toning and uplifting. Last but not least, there’s not a man on planet earth of any race who does not like it. Black Woman, this man is proud of you! You’re beautiful.

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