Blacks and the Tithing Argument

by Admin


Let me just talk about the tithe. People want to argue and complain all the
time, “the preacher just wants your money, the Church just wants your
money,” I’m always saying, that’s all 49ers want, that’s all the Raiders
want, that’s all the New York Jets want is your money, just try to get in
free. Try to get anything from Macy’s or Nordstrom’s for free. No, all they
want is your money.

But, you know, God wants your heart. And that’s what you gotta do, give God
your heart. A whole lot of folk are broke as heck, and then they complain
about “all they want is your money” and usually people who talk like that
don’t have any. And, you know, look, the tithe is God’s. That’s where it
comes from. You gotta put God first and people don’t put God first. When
you put God first, hear me, God will take care of your business when you
take care of his business. That’s where the prosperity flows right there.

The tithe of everything is the Lord’s, the glory is his, the honor is his,
all the praise is his, and you give him what is his. That’s where it’s at.
So don’t come complaining about “well they just want your money, that’s Old
Testament,” all that kind of stuff and then [inaudible 1:09] just try it.
He say, “Prove me now herewith and I don’t open up the windows and pour out
so much,’ you don’t have mental capacity to comprehend how much God has for
you if you just give him a try with your money.

So, give it to God. And you don’t complain about the government messing
over your money, potholes in the street, police arriving to the scene after
the crime, you know, red lights ain’t working, and they feeding your
children and they teaching your children evolution, they giving out
condoms, they teaching them all kind of crazy things in school, and we’re
not complaining about the government snatching forty percent out of your
income. Yet you come complaining about the Church taking ten percent, and
what the preacher gonna do with it and all that kind of stuff, and you’re
sitting up there, hearing the Word, getting healed, getting delivered, and
everything else. Look here, come on, stop it. Give God what is due to him.
That’s where it’s at.