Blacks Misunderstanding The 3/5 Compromise

by Admin

Many blacks have been erroneously misled regarding the “three fifths compromise”. America does have a Godly heritage, and not all whites were, nor are evil racists. It’s alright for a black to be a republican as well. The first political party of choice was republican. The democrats were the southern states which were pro-slavery, that’s why blacks were escaping to the north. Several founding fathers were anti-slavery, James Wilson, Elbert Sherry and Luther Martin, to name a few.

Frederick Douglas escaped in 1838 and went to New York and was discipled by some anti-slavery leaders. People listened to his testimony and wanted him to speak for them. The people thought the constitution was a pro-slavery document. Yet the Massachusetts Anti-Slavery Society offered to pay Douglas to go on the road full time, speaking against slavery. He knew he needed to read the constitution and study the issues surrounding it. Douglas discovered that the constitution was a great anti-slavery document, every clause in it. He had questioned previously, how could a 3/5 clause be anti-slavery. There were three hard core pro-slavery states, Georgia, North and South Carolina. The constitution says for every 30 thousand people, a state can have a representative. So, the pro-slavery states said ‘great, for every 30k we can get another representative to congress and keep laws regarding slavery working in our favor.” Yet, those states had more blacks and slaves than whites. The north said “no, free them or they can’t be counted”.

The south considered blacks as property, so the north said, “ok, we’ll begin counting chairs, horses, houses, etc since property is include”. The north said that blacks are people and created equal. After the debate, they agreed to count 3/5 of the slave population (not as 3/5 of a person) before they can get a representative to congress. The 3/5 clause cut the representation in half, which made it harder to get a pro-slavery representative to congress. Frederick Douglas saw that the constitution was anti-slavery.

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