Spiritual Fathers Argument pt. 1 and 2

by Admin


I just wanted to talk about this spiritual fathers and spiritual sons
issue. I just really want to just share some of my own insights on that
subject. First of all I’ve been in the gospel for a good season now, nearly
some 30 years preaching and pastoring and everything else, being saved. For
one thing, I don’t know, I think it’s just a black thing, because I’ve been
around may black churches, Caucasian, Hispanic, Filipinos, and various
races and it seems like the blacks were, for a good season, harping on who
you’re under and who’s you’re spiritual father. And really condemning some
people, “You don’t have a spiritual father? You’re illegitimate.” Saying
all kinds of things like that and making brothers feel bad if they weren’t
hooked up somebody. And many grown men…

I found the Apostle Paul telling Timothy, he said, “These are the
requirements of a bishop, elder, pastor, ministry gift…” I’m
paraphrasing. He said, “Husband of one wife, ruler in their house well. If
a man doesn’t how to run his house, how can he run the church?” So, that’s
what it’s all about. Once you become a man you put away your childish
things and you run your business, you handle your business, and you’re
responsible. You really shouldn’t have to be running out underneath, trying
to find somebody to get under validate your ministry. No, you are under

Now, everybody, don’t get me wrong, has a spiritual father or spiritual
mother. That’s the person who birthed you into the things of God, and
raised you up, mentored you, and trained you. The after that, just like the
mother eagle once the baby eagle has learned how to fly, mama don’t have to
care of them anymore, they’re on their own. They taught them everything,
they learned to fend for themselves. You will always have your respect for,
and pay your loyalty to who brought you into the things of God and raised
you up, but you don’t have to keep switching from one to another.

Many times they just get mad or offended at the person who told them to do
something one day, and they felt like they had crossed them. Then they
change up. There’s some brothers who have had, like, five spiritual
fathers. It’s like, “Dude, come one man.” You know, I liken it to pimping,
because, you know, I came off the streets. I told one minister before,
“Look, if you really think he’s your spiritual father stop sowing in his
pocket every month and see if he cares about you. See if he helps you in
your ministry.” I’m a father, and I have sons, and whatever my sons want to
do, I want to help them. I want to them buy them cars. I want to buy them
cars. I want to hook them up. If they need extra money, if they’re building
a church, I want to help them. I’m not looking for them to every day come
and sow money into my pocket. See, that’s that pimping scheme, I call it.
Where some brothers just want a bunch of people under them so they can
manipulate them into giving them money all the time. That’s not what it’s
all about. It’s about just sowing into the kingdom of God and advancing the
kingdom. Not going around being 58 years old looking for a spiritual

We all have governors and tutors over us, and mentors. I had one pastor,
one spiritual father, that’s it. He had a brain aneurysm. He passed away a
couple of years ago, that’s it. Other than that, I can glean from other
brothers, but I’m not running around trying to find a spiritual father. I’m
a man of myself. And you know what? If I can’t be accountable to God and
the people that God placed me over, I don’t need to be in this business

I just wanted to share that tidbit. Just blow out that stuff out of the
water. Man up, handle your business, you’ll be alright.

In the last segment I was talking about spiritual fathers. It looks like
people have made a mandate out of it and turned it into a doctrine as if
everybody has to have one in order to be validated. I want to just continue
to expound on that. Again, don’t get me wrong. I believe everybody has a
spiritual father or a spiritual mother. The person who birthed you into the
things of God, the person who mentored you, trained you, raised you up,
that’s your spiritual father. Now, sometimes people divorce them,
unfortunately, and then what we’ve got today is people running around
trying to find one. And these are grown men trying to find one, when really
they should just be able to be responsible enough to handle their own
business. I’m primarily talking about ministry gifts, not the laymen. But
ministry gifts are looking for spiritual fathers.

Now, again, I go back. What’s the origin of it? I truly believe, because
it’s so primarily predominantly in the black church, it originated out of,
probably, so many young black men never had a father. So, I’ve found in all
the circles I’ve been around, have seen and observed, that they are running
around hoping to find somebody that they can call their father. And so many
are so elated to find a brother who would take them under their wings and
be like a daddy to them. I think that’s how this thing is just so blown out
of proportion.

Now, that’s fine. If you need that, go right ahead. But let’s just get
extreme with it. What if he dies? Then what do you do? You have to run
another. What if he dies? You’ve got to run to another, spending the rest
of your life trying to find one in order to feel validated. Finding
yourself in bondage because somebody put a doctrine, or some kind of
mandate, saying that you have to have one. Well, that is not true. Really,
you just need to be responsible to handle your own business. And again, if
you didn’t have a natural father, thank God for Jesus! Thank God for who He
is Himself.

Now, you can trust God. He is your heavenly Father. And, God will bring
people in your life if you need counsel, or if you need to make yourself
accountable to somebody. Go right ahead. But, you do not have to go around
searching for a spiritual father in order to validate your ministry. That’s
all I wanted to say.