65% of Black Men ages 18 – 28 are in jail

by Admin

Why are the young brothers in jail? As a man thinks in his heart, so is he. Most of them have the gifts, skills, knowledge and talents to change the world. They just don’t know who they are. If they knew their ancestry was royalty, they might begin to act like it. However, an identity theft has taken place and it hasn’t been restored. Slavery was genocide all by itself. Black parents (in general) aren’t educating their children anymore regarding their rich heritage. The young men grow up feeling inferior, unloved, not receiving any attention from their fathers and look to other methods for life satisfaction. Quick hustles, gangs, drug dealing or drug usage to medicate the void of self importance is often an easy alternative. “Blacks from a Biblical Perspective’ speaks to this very challenge, not as to who blacks are from a secular standpoint but biblical identification.

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