The Jesus That Got My Attention

by Admin


Yeah, I’d like to just say, when so many times when we’re raised up in the
things of God and the Jesus that they presented back in the days when I was
younger, they really made me, for one I’ve seen so many homosexuals in the
choir and leading choirs, and all the cool brothers, they were out, back in
my era, the black exploitation movies, they were Superfly and the Mac, and
so I had really no righteous influence coming up. They were gang bangers
and they were packing guns and they were Black Panthers and everything.
That’s who I was looking up to. And so that Jesus they presented and the
gospel at that time, it was too soft for me. It didn’t get my attention.
Church didn’t get my attention.

But then, after God worked in my life and got me saved and I began to read
for myself, and God didn’t send me to seminary or bible college or
anything, He taught me himself. I didn’t read any books for ten years. He
just taught me himself. I read nothing but the Bible for ten years, over
and over and over. And he began to reveal himself to me in a light nobody
else had shown Him to me before. I saw in the canon, where Jesus told Peter
and the brothers to go and buy some swords, and that spoke to me. Wow, the
brothers with Jesus were packing. And then, when they tried to accost Jesus
when he was going to Sumaria, Peter pulled out his sword and tried to cut
Malcolm’s head off, and he missed and ducked apparently and he cut his ear
off. That was a different kind of Jesus I saw. Then when Jesus went inside
the template and he made a whip out of cords and starting beating up
people, I thought they were playing bingo and selling raffle tickets,
having car washes, french fries, chicken dinners and barbecues and all that
inside the sanctuary. Jesus was beating folks up. The Bible said he was
beating the cows. He was beating the animals and driving them out of there

And so I saw Jesus in another light, and I said Jesus was a bad brother.
And that’s what really got my attention. Jesus, when he used to preach to
us, we would have beat that Jesus up and took his lunch money. But Jesus
was a bad brother. I’m telling you, he was a tough dude. I could have ran
with him, and so that’s the one that got my attention. You know, a
righteous man walks in his integrity. You know, a righteous man tells the
truth. He doesn’t have to lie. He ain’t scared of nobody. That was Jesus.
That’s a righteous man. He loves his wife, loves his kids, takes care of
business. That’s a righteous man. That’s what this thing is all about.
That’s the Jesus I came to know.