God Spoke It In The Blood

by Admin

From garden dirt to Ham and Shem, Canaan, to the tower of Babel, to Nimrod the mighty hunter, history is largely “black”. From the dominance of  Egyptian technology to Ethiopia’s Queen Candace, before the Mayflower, slavery and today in the United States of America, there is one thing in common with all eras aforementioned, they’re of African descent. They reigned supreme over times and territories, they also suffered devastation and severe demise, even defeat. There is still a bible chapter that explains the reason, tenacity and determination of a people. Ezekiel chapter 16. In this chapter, the prophet speaks toward the origin, birth and nativity of these people. Through the hardships life had dealt, God spoke a word in their blood (v.6), He said, “live”! “Yes, I said to you in your blood, live”!

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